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Become a software secirity distributor.

Profitable Business

Your success is our growth.

Security and Backing

We are exclusive Distributers, we have no competition.


We support your business and customer relation.

The Most Advanced Software

Sell the most advance softare in business security and enterprise management.


Best Profit Margins

We have a very atrractive offer to sell volume licencing.


Continuos Support

You will be fully supported during the entire sale and After Sale process.


International Backing

We are a company that Acts Globally but thinks locally.


Our Growth depends on your success.
Do we make a deal?

Become our Re-Seller in three easy steps.
We support your business to ensure your success, we ca offer you the best market pricing.

Competitive Advantage

We are a group of professionals, specialized in the products we sell, to provide continuous support to our Re-Sellers .

With our strategic partners , we offer a unique portfolio , which allows our customers to have innovative and practical solutions for its customers and users with an excellent profit margin.

Our agile way of working, makes us very efficient allowing launch our products in parallel to global launches Our R & D allows us to offer unique solutions.

Terms and Conditions

When you decide to enroll you must fill out a form . In addition , you must submit , along with general information, a number of documents to be studied before authorizing you to become a Re-Seller

The documentation required is:
1. New Customer Form
2. Certificate of Incorporation (less than 60 days issued )
3. Photocopy of the  RUT
4. Legal Representative Certificate photocopy
5. Financial statements
6. Income Tax Statement ( Last year)
7. Bank references
8. Commercial references

Process and response

Initially Tasnet receives your application to distribute one of our product lines.

After studying the company´s documents, Tasnet proceeds to design a distribution structure in which the price, the margin assigned for each product line as well as all other guidelines are established an account executive, who will constantly supoort you will be assigned.

We will then review quarterly performance and goals

Backed by Tasnet

Technical support

Products warranty

Exclusive distributors

The Best prices


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