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Specialist in Information security and Management.

The most secure cloud solutions for your sensitive data

Online File Sharing and Collaboration

Share and sync your documents. Facilitate exchanges internally and externally through secure collaborative platforms.

Backup and Archiving

Protect your business’ important data, regardless of the volume and your infrastructure type.

Digital Trust

Ensure the integrity of the data and the security of exchanges through a comprehensive range of solutions: certificates, electronic signature and time stamps.

Solutions taylor to your business

Enterprise Solutions

A comprehensive range  of collaborative Solutions, online backup service and digital trust.

Small Business Solutions

File sharing tools, Synchronisation and online backups adapted to the needs of small business.

Personal Cloud Solution

White label solutions for retailers, service providers and digital players.

1. Secure file Sharing and Synchronisation

Una solución adaptada a cada usuario

A professional solution: Standard sharing solutions made for the general public have been introduced into companies but are poorly adapted to the usages of professionals and their security requirements. The PostFiles solution was designed specifically for businesses and offers a wide range of functionalities dedicated to professionals, yet remains easy to use and places data privacy at the forefront.

A space for each employee: The PostFiles solution, administered by managers designated within the company, is deployed to each user who thus has a personal space for sharing and synchronising files.

Full integration with the company’s IT system: To simplify the import of users, PostFiles interfaces with most corporate directories and enables authentication in SSO. With its many APIs, it also interfaces well with business applications, allowing quick adoption by users.

2. Security Copies

Free yourself from stress

Automatic backups: you can define the frequency and schedule your backups. They are then carried out automatically, without human intervention and without disturbing your current activities.

Zero maintenance: AdBackup is a 100% online solution that frees you of any material constraint. You are no longer dependent on physical media (tapes, hard disks, etc.) and do not have to worry about failure, maintenance or renewal of your hardware.

Remote control: alerts and reports allow you to easily monitor all backups wherever you are, whenever you have an internet connection.

3. Digital Trust

Integrate trust in your digital Exchanges

To benefit from legal safeguards during the implementation of a paperless process, it is essential to make digital trust a central theme for all exchanges. CertEurope, a company of the Oodrive Group, proposes a flexible offer integrating all of the links in the chain of trust:

Identify: A veritable ID card on the Internet, the digital certificate authenticates a user as a natural person or legal entity.
Sign: Thanks to the electronic signature, you can sign online and have any document signed, giving them the same legal value as that of a handwritten signature.
Timestamp: Similar to the postmark, the timestamp dates an electronic file to prove its existence at a given time and ensure its integrity over time.

It is also possible to set up a legal archiving system to ensure the preservation of documents in compliance with the law.

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