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Knosys Blue

Comprehensive solution for information managemen.


Enterprise content management

What is it?
Es una metodología y unas herramientas utilizadas para capturar, gestionar, almacenar, preservar y entregar contenidos y documentos relativos a procesos organizativos.

What´s covered ?
It covers all the information management within the company; whether such information is in paper format, such as mail, printable database or email.

Basic Characteristics



  •  Setup in Minutes
  • Functionality is just a click away
  • 64 bit ready
  • Works on all.Windows OS
  • Import of all formats


  • Up to 250 fields per document
  • Automatically creates BBDD glossary
  • Creates lists of admitted terms
  • Creates descriptors for each field
  • Allows concurrent queries


  • Automatic indexing of words and phrases
  • Empty Words Dictionary
  • Document Recovery by fields or full text


  • Unlimited Number of BBDD
  • Up to 1 Million BBDD documents
  • Extension of los

The easiest to implement Multi-user ECM Solution

Knosys Blue enterprise lets you collect infomration from word or Excel documents and convert it into field contents; allowing you to easily and timely locate your information using the search engine.

It´s client – Server architecture allows access to the information using the network, intra or extranet. Likewise, it allows you to manage or administer the databases.

Increase your productivity and save time and resources

Who needs Knosys Blue Enterprice?

Companies usually handle large amounts of information that is often separated depending on the application used when it was created. Therefore, all the docuemnts related to the same matter  can be in multiple formats (Invoice in XML, Contract in PDF, a letter in word).

Finding all the information related to one specific matter  can be tedious and consume time that could be better used doing something different; and the more people searching for information, the more time is wasted.

Knosys blue can collect and index all the information in your company making it very easy to search and find; reducing time wasted and increasing corporate efficiency

Furthermore, in combination with optical character recognition (OCR ) solutions  such as ABBYY FineReader , Knosys Blue acquires an unusual power that any organization will recognize instantly.


Step 1: Capture

It is the first step for document management. We ask: How was the information aquired? From this phase , tools are provided to incorporate information to the lifecycle.


Step 2: Document Management

Here is where Document Managemt Really begins Now is when we automate the processes related to the management , indexing and storage of documents.


Step 3: Distribution

What do we want to do with the information? It can be as simple as “save and organize my documents” to “publish on the web” or perform a business application with information.

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