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Data Loss Protection


What kind of protection does your company needs?

The EgoSecure solution portfolio provides modules that cover all relevant endpoint security tasks. The customer decides which modules are required for his defined security level. If more functionality is required, additional modules can be activated easily; no reinstallation is required for this purpose. The intelligent management ensures the safe and efficient operations of the solution.

Reliable Security



There is no chance whatsoever to manipulate EGOSECURE DATA PROTECTION, since there are no backdoors for intelligence services, no vendor master keys and no reasons or possibilities for users to bypass the system.



The software adjusts to the respective business processes, rather than the other way round. It also integrates with existing workflows and can be flexibly connected to third-party systems.



There is only one server, one console, one agent and one database, which makes EgoSecure a lightweight, fast and highly functional solution.



Minimized implementation costs and EgoSecure Green IT help companies to achieve a return on their investment within less than one year.

Made in Germany

In addition to a solution’s high reliability and security, economic factors also play a major role for purchasing decisions. When it comes to security solutions, the respective ROI is, however, often difficult to demonstrate.

EgoSecure solutions are developed, based on the SAFE & SAVE concept. They provide comprehensive protection and ensure security levels required by international law and regulations, while also achieving a real ROI within less than one year.

Superior Value for the customer



Access control protects companies against “internal attackers” by controlling which persons within the company need access to which data.


An antivirus solution provides proven protection against anonymous attackers from the Internet. It is important to ensure a high detection rate to be able to respond very quickly to new viruses and Trojans. EgoSecure Endpoint provides an integrated antivirus solution which, according to many test reports, is the leading solution in the market and features an acknowledged high detection rate.


Analyzing content and filtering secret information from data that leave the company as well as blocking unacceptable information within incoming data are also components of an integrated, overall security concept. Content Analysis & Filter provides granular and reliable protection for corporate data communications without affecting users‘ workflows and desired data transfers.


Application Control controls which user is allowed to start which programs. This prevents, for instance, that games or unlicensed software products are used to avoid liability risks and economic damage. It is also possible to block most viruses, even before antivirus solutions have detected them.


Mobile data media such as USB sticks get increasingly smaller and powerful; however, this also means that they can get lost or stolen much more easily. Removable Device Encryption ensures that the data cannot be used by unauthorized parties. Password-based encryption and decryption can be done on any Windows computer, with full transparency for authorized users. Encryption is file-based and multiple kinds of encryption are available and can be used simultaneously on one medium.


Cloud Encryption can be used to encrypt folders in the cloud. Encryption keys remain within the company and are never stored in the cloud – a clear advantage over encryption solutions provided by cloud storage providers themselves.


Mail Encryption ensures the safe exchange of e-mails; no software needs to be installed for this purpose on the receiving or transmitting system. Encrypted e-mails with an electronic signature can be sent and read within the user‘s familiar environment. It is also easy to encrypt and transport very large e-mails.


Folder Encryption protects data on lost notebooks or hard drives and also individually defined sensitive data on systems that can be accessed by several users. For instance, highly sensitive management data can be protected against access through employees with many privileges, such as IT staff.


Audit ensures the transparency of all protection measures and allows you to capture forensic data. This optional auditability of EgoSecure Endpoint is an important contribution to ensure IT compliance. As a matter of course, compliance with your employees’ personality rights and labor laws is also ensured (4-6-eye principle).


The increasing degree of adoption of mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones must also be reflected in corporate security architectures. Mobile Device Management ensures the intelligent integration of mobile devices, including support of the Android and iOS operating systems.


Intelligent power management ensures efficient device operations by only consuming energy when the computer is actually used. GreenIT helps reduce IT operational costs while also contributing to the company’s environmental balance and ensuring a fast ROI for the EgoSecure Endpoint implementation.



Secure Erase ensures that deleted files cannot be restored, no matter if they are located on the internal hard disk or on an external storage medium. Users can choose among multiple deletion methods. They have the option to securely delete documents immediately or to destroy all deleted files irrevocably, based on a specific schedule. Secure Erase also ensures that you discard hardware only when you sell or withdraw respective hardware.

Superior Value for the customer

EgoSecure’s SAVE approach ensures minimized overall implementation costs through an intelligent installation concept and user interface. The intuitive administration concept enables administrators to implement most configuration modifications with only few mouse clicks.


Most functions are performed in the background and do not interrupt users’ work. The agent provides transparent and clear information, and so, no user training is required.


Depending on the hardware in use and regional electricity rates, EgoSecure Green-IT helps companies save between 50 and 100 Euros per computer per year. thus, EgoSecure Endpoint pays off within less than one year.


Time needed to install EgoSecure Endpoint is about half a day; configuration can be done with few mouse clicks. The centralized management console is based on an intuitive user interface.


Costs incurred by a data loss amount to an average of 3.6 million Euros. EgoSecure Endpoint has a focus on easy installation, administration and training costs, which reduces the overall spendings, compared to other solutions.

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